SXSW 2009 – Day 1 – Thursday, March 12

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So I’m here amidst my peoples: web and technology enthusiasts.. and some geeks, too 🙂

We arrived yesterday afternoon incident-free via plane. I flew next to Justin for the second leg from DC and caught up with all the crazyness of our lives over the past couple months.

The hotel was a little amusing: we’re sleeping four to a room and asked for two “cots” because boys can’t sleep in the same bed together without making jokes about their Comfort Bed “firmness” level. Justin called the hotel from the airport and asked for cots, but they heard “cops”. “Why do you need a cop? Is there somebody else in your room?”

We met up with Nick W at the room who is doing some 3D video experiments with two flip phones (awesome). Now all we have to do is get some 3D glasses and wear them around the conference all day like the kid in Biff’s posse in Back to the Future.

We ate at a great place a few blocks away called The Hickory Street Bar and Grille. Then we pre-registered for the conference. We had an interesting experience trying to get our swag bags – filled with the free junk and conference schedule. We wandered into a huge room with lots of people milling about and music blasting: imagine 8 long lines of people holding empty bags and stopping every few feet for someone else to stuff a single item into them. We jumped in line and happily held our bags out like beeming trick-or-treaters. Never did it occur to us that these were all volunteers, not attendees. They laughed at us when we haggled over the color of whatever thingamabob or toy they were handing out. Every item stuffer we passed knew we didn’t belong there, but didn’t say a word: they even said “thank you Brian” by reading it off my conference badge I so proudly wore around my neck. At the end of the line we had to surrender the bags and finally realized what was going on. So basically we helped fill three bags and we’ll get to pick them up today. All my hard work and haggleing is down the drain. 😉

And I purchased a SXSW shirt and a hoodie which is just funky enough to be from the 80s, and not likely to be a popular style among this crowd, so I will prolly stick out when I wear it. For a change.

And finally: it’s rainy here the first few days and I have a sore throat on one side. Hopefully it’s just allergy-related, but I’m nursing it today with zinc, tea, and pouty faces.

Today we’re seeing the capital before the sessions begin at 2pm. My video camera is all set, and hopefully I’ll get some great interviews for BNN.

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    March 13, 2009

    Me likey bloggy. Keep it coming!