Mini-Review of Inception

Posted by on Aug 31, 2010 in Blog

Overall a positive experience, but not without little niggling annoyances:


  • music! * (see below)
  • art direction, cinematography
  • visual
  • acting: Tom Hardy was funny, interesting, and just plain awesome


  • acting: Leonardo looked fake and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was stiff (on purpose?) both were unbelieveable
  • character development: shallow. I didn’t care about main character until 45 minutes in
  • lack of imagination **
  • it’s a trick movie ***

*** Trick movies stretch your suspension of disbelief really thin, and then break it on purpose. They make me feel like I’ve just been had, and the whole movie accomplished nothing of importance because it was all in the main character’s head. The final frames cement this idea. See also, Momento (also by writer / director Christopher Nolan)

** Lack of imagination: Why no flying? Who’s ever had a dream, or seen a movie about dreams, that didn’t include something really freaky-deaky surreal, like talking animals? Really was this just an excuse to do a Matrix-like heist film?

* Music: this is by far the best part. Not only do I love how they used “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” a song by Edith Piaf, and cast Marion Cotillard (awesome) who won an Oscar for playing Piaf in her biopic…

… but they also used the song as the movie’s main theme.
Check it out!