New Michael Jackson Album

Posted by on Dec 19, 2010 in Blog

Couple things about the new Michael Jackson album:

1.) We all know he had plastic surgery and downplayed it in interviews: but you can’t hide changes that drastic. So it’s weird that the painting on the cover showing his face from various stages of his career makes all of his plastic surgery look like no more than tricks in the lighting and shadows on his face. His nose looks exactly the same at every point, the only differences are slight lightness of skin and cleft chin. Most apparent is the nose discrepancy on his “Off the Wall” photo.

2.) Only good song for me is “Behind the Mask”. I dig the verse’s tensions building in the melody, and the pre-chorus is silly-catchy enough that it reminds me of “Rock with you”. I think his last good album of all originals was Dangerous, and this track seems like it could fit on there.