5150 time

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Blog

The “In the Studio” radio show is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Van Halen’s 5150 album by having all the guys on to chat it up.
(show link. Scroll down and hear a preview on the left)

Of course the guys probably didn’t all record the show together in the studio at the same time, ’cause they’re out of love… again. But yeah, this is one great CD.

My first batch of BMG CDs — in one of those crazy “buy 10 CDs for $1” or something deals — was all Van Halen. I gorged on VH my freshman and sophmore years in high school. The Sammy CDs in particular gave me the goosebumps of recognizing songs from years of casual exposure to them on the radio.


I miss the idea of the 80s more than the actual 80s themselves: when I was there I was too young to take advantage of certain inalienable rights to wear hot pink pants and yellow sneakers. I was raised on the promise of outfits like the one above, and by the time I became old enough to make these types of decisions for myself, everybody was grunge-city. Ew.